Hyvon Ngetich do Quénia liderava a maratona de Austin no Texas em Fevereiro de 2015 e colapsou perto da meta, gatinhou e ficou em 3º lugar mesmo assim. Deram-lhe um prémio monetário equivalente ao 2º lugar.

Grande parte do treino é tolerância à dor. Why Athletes Can Handle More Pain – Time.

More clues point toward a common cognitive strategy athletes use: Association/Disassociation. Association occurs when people concentrate on the act itself (like dribbling a soccer ball or calculating running splits), while dissociation occurs as people think of something positive to distract them. Both strategies help increase pain tolerance and performance in athletes by reducing physiological stress but in different ways. Dissociation may increase pain threshold when working at a low to moderate intensity level, while association is more effective at higher intensities. Using these instinctive tactics may also vary by gender, as women tend to be more dissociative than men.

The one thing missing from these studies is why athletes can handle the hurt. Researchers didn’t crack the code, but they suggest resistance to pain can be learned over time, and an increase in exercise intensity can lead to endorphin release. Others suggest it’s because athletes are incredibly motivated to push through the pain in order to break a personal record, win a medal, or prove they’ve performed to the best of their ability.


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